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Let us understand the starter together today!

The starter is also called a motor, and its function is to convert the electrical energy of the battery into mechanical energy and drive the flywheel of the engine to rotate to realize the start of the engine.


Do you know where he is in the car?

Its installation position is between the output end of the crankshaft and the clutch, which is the position of the flywheel


Components of the starter

Automobile starter is composed of three parts: control mechanism (electromagnetic switch), DC motor and transmission mechanism


The structure of the DC motor

1. Case: install magnetic poles and fix parts

2. Magnetic pole: produces a magnetic field

3. Armature: produces electromagnetic torque

4. Commutator: introducing current

5: Brush assembly: introduce current


Number recognition of starter

 There are a few general information you need to know:

The number is subject to the OE model, in addition to know its voltage (V) + power (KW) + gear matching model (CW/CCW) + modulus + number of teeth


Correct use of starter

 The starter is a valuable part of the car and will not be easily damaged. However, in order to prolong the service life of the starter, proper use is also necessary.

1. In the process of starting the engine, the starter should draw in 300~400 As (ampere second) of electricity from the battery. Therefore, in order to prevent the battery from over-current or damage, the starting time should not exceed 5 seconds; when starting three consecutive times , Need to stop for 15 minutes on the basis of inspection and troubleshooting before using

2. It is easy to start difficult in winter, the engine should be warmed up before starting. There should be a proper interval between each start and the time should not be too long.


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