How can you Import Auto parts from China?


If you are looking to import Auto parts first you need to find the right supplier/vendor first.


China has numbers of parts manufactures and it is the best choice. But It is not an easy job to find out which suppliers are workable. The average car has 30000 parts and the new cars/parts always are developed. To buy the good parts at a reasonable price, you may have to contact thousands of suppliers for comparing and evaluation. It is a long-time work and needs a well skilled team to support.

Yes, you can try your luck with B2B platform and you will get huge numbers of suppliers. Pls definitely order samples before buying in bulk. There are always bad factories on all the platforms. You can know whether the supplier is good after buy bulk goods or long-time cooperation only. 


One good way to import car accessories is to work with a reliable China partner which can provide all the parts you need. 

Controlling good quality and delivery time for you. They can also help you to buy a small quantity and huge numbers of models in one order.

Especially for small to medium businesses, even new sellers who lack of China importing experience, work with a Chinese partner is a very wise choice


After production, you need to ship the goods. With good experiences in shipping, a Chinese partner can help you to save money and time. They can even clear customs in the destination port and deliver the goods to your warehouse at less cost.


For the marketing, the Chinese partner can give you suggestions and help you to develop together.Like ZODI,it has 18 years of experience in exporting and help hundreds of client to grow.


If you have problems and complain about the products, the Chinese partner can check with the factory/supplier for the best way and solve them promptly.

With a good price, on-time delivery, good communication, good quality, excellent sevice,ZODI can be your best choice for business.


Post time: Apr-29-2021

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