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    Suspension System

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    Engine Parts

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    Body Parts

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    Steering System

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    Ignition System

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    Electricity Sensor

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    Cooling System

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    Starter System

  • Turbo System

    Turbo System

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why choose zodi

Ningbo ZODI Auto Spare Parts Co., Ltd. the faith”One-Stop Service take highest efficiency and best profit for our customers.

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  • Zodi Auto parts training

    Zodi Auto parts training

    In Zodi, there will be a learning and discussion meeting between employees every week We believe that work is not only work but also an opportunity to improve oneself, a channel and a platform Ever...
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  • 31/05/21

    Let us understand the starter together to...

    The starter is also called a motor, and its function is to convert the electrical energy of the battery into mechanical energy and drive the flywheel of the engine to rotate to realize the start of...
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  • One of the important parts of the car——-shock absorber

    One of the important parts of the carR...

    Suspension component Automobile suspension includes three parts: elastic element, damping element and force transmission device (guide device). These three parts play the role of buffering, damping...
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  • How much do you know about automotive water pumps

    How much do you know about automotive wat...

    water pump   The automobile engine water pump is an important component of the engine cooling system. Its function is to pump the coolant, so that the coolant flows quickly in the cooling wate...
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  • 14/05/21

    Shock Absorber Simple Detection

    In order to smoothen the shock of movement and improve comfortness of driving , the auto suspension system is usually equipped with shock absorbers, And two-way tube-type shock absorber is widely u...
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