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Excavator board electric control panel R330LC-9S computer ECU board 21Q9-32181

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Crawler Excavator
Part name:ECU computer board
Part number:21Q9-32181
Quality:High quality

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    Excavator board electric control panel R330LC-9S computer ECU board 21Q9-32181
    R3300LC-9S computer board
    Part No.
    various program can be installed
    high quality
    1 pcs
    excellent sales team and professional technical support
    by express,by air or by sea

    Jision  Computer Board R330LC-9S Excavator 21Q9-32181

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    31EM-50111 Boom Cyl Rh R210LC-3
    31Y1-05260 Boom Cyl Seal Kit
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    81M7-55000 Bottom Roller
    81N8-11010 Bottom Roller
    81E1-20030S Bottom Rollers R200lc
    31NB-60134 Bucket Cyl Assy
    31Y1-05610 Bucket Cyl Seal Kit
    31Y1-10160 Bucket Cyl Seal Kit
    31E6-0009 Bucket Cylidner Hyundai R130lc-3
    31N6-60115 Bucket Cylinder
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    31Y1-06841 Bucket Cylinder Seal Kit
    31N5-60110 Bucket Cylinder Assy
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    31E1-50243 Bucket Cylinder For Hyundai R210lc-3
    31E9-60112 Bucket Cylinder For Hyundai R290lc
    21-M-30-00200 Carrier Roller Berco
    31E9-0126 Cartridge
    21LB-50501 Cluster
    21LB-50012 Cluster Assembly
    21N8-30015 Cluster Assembly
    21N8-36001 Cluster Assembly
    21E6-00200 Cluster Assy
    21E6-02000 Cluster Assy
    21N8-30011 Cluster Assy
    21N8-30012 Cluster Assy
    21N8-30013 Cluster Assy
    XKBT-00579 Clutch
    XKBT-00578 Clutch Piston
    11N6-90040 Compressor
    21N6-42101 Computer
    21NB-32100 Computer
    21L1-4008 Control
    31EM-91630 Control
    31LD-90010 Control
    11N6-90031 Control Assembly
    11LB-90112 Control Unit
    21L8-50050 Control Unit
    21LB-33102 Control Unit
    24L4-50051 Control Unit
    ZGAQ-02804 Control Unit
    21LB-33103 Controller
    21N8-32102 Controller
    21N9-32101 Controller
    21N8-21060 Controller W/Motor
    ZGAQ-00712 Converter
    ZGAQ-01392 Converter
    ZGAQ-01653 Converter
    11HF-60100 Correia Do Ar Cond.Empilh.
    XKBT-00592 Counter Shaft Assembly
    31EK-11130 Coupler Screw
    11E9-1601 Coupling
    11E9-19011 Coupling
    11E9-16011 Coupling (11e9-16012)
    11EH-12020 Coupling Assembly
    11E9-16012 Coupling Engine-Main Pump
    XKAH-00907 Coupling Gear
    11E8-16010 Coupling Hyundai
    21EH-32141 CPU
    21EM-30110 CPU
    21EA-33001 Cpu (Controller)
    21EM-32150 Cpu Controller
    21EM-32151 Cpu Controller
    21EN-32110 Cpu Controller
    21N6-34100 Cpu Controller
    21N7-32101 Cpu Controller
    21N8-32202 Cpu Controller
    21E9-00242 Cpu Controller For Hyundai 210lc
    21N9-32100 Cpu Controller For Hyundai R320lc-7
    21EM-32110 Cpu Controller For Hyundai Robex 210lc-3
    21e6-32110 Cpu For Hyundai Robex 130lc-3
    XKAH-00013 Crankshaft
    XKAH-00321 Cyl And Piston Assy
    XJDB-00068 Cyl Assy
    31E7-0477 Cylinder
    31N6-66101 Cylinder
    31N7-50132 Cylinder
    31Y1-13690 Cylinder
    XJBN-00435 Cylinder (L) Assy
    XJBN-00436 Cylinder (R) Assy
    XJBN-00066 Cylinder Assembly Lh
    XJBN-00063 Cylinder Assembly Rh
    31EK-70050 Cylinder Assy Lh
    31EK-70060 Cylinder Assy Rh
    XKAY-00633 Cylinder Block
    XJBN-00561 Cylinder Sub Assy (Rh)
    XJBN-00562 Cylinder Sub Assy (Rh)
    XJBN-00933 Cylinder Sub Assy Rh
    31EK-70531 Cylinder-Outrigger Lh
    31EK-70541 Cylinder-Outrigger Rh
    YUCW-00112 Ecu
    21L7-20090 Gear Selector
    ZGAQ-00693 Gear Selector
    21L8-50040 Gear Selector (Dw-3d1)
    XKCF-00323 Gear Set Bevel
    XKBQ-00193 Gear Side
    XKBQ-00265 Gear Side
    XKAH-00019 Gear Spur
    XJBN-00628 Gear Sun
    XKAQ-00011 Gear Sun
    ZTAJ-00007 Gear Sun
    XKAQ-00010 Gear Sun #1
    XKAQ-00277 Gear Sun No. 1
    XKAQ-00442 Gear Sun No. 1
    XKAQ-00011 Gear Sun No. 2
    XKAQ-00235 Gear Sun No. 2
    XKAQ-00252 Gear Sun No. 2
    XKAQ-00405 Gear Sun No. 2
    XKAQ-00278 Gear Sun No.2
    XKAQ-00431 Gear; Planetary
    XKAQ-00436 Gear; Sun
    XKAQ-00022 Gear-2,Planetary
    XKBT-00380 Gear-Diff
    XJBN-00625 Gear-Planetary No.3
    31S7-00020 Hydraulic Motor Hyundai Hsl850-7
    31HL-01200 Hydraulic Pump
    31Y1-21955 Hyundai
    81E7-01030 Idler
    81EM-14010 Idler
    81N6-13010 Idler
    81N8-13010 Idler
    81EH-20071GG Idler Assy
    81EM-10040 Idler R210lc-3
    81E8-2004 Idler R290lc-3
    81EH-20070 Idlet Assy
    21N8-30180 Lcd
    21EN-00200 Lcd Panel
    31LB-10030 Lcv Lever Triple..
    31L7-00320 Main Control Valve
    31LB-00120 Main Control Valve
    31N6-10110 Main Control Valve
    31N8-10110 Main Control Valve
    31N8-16110 Main Control Valve
    31NA-10110 Main Control Valve
    31NA-17111 Main Control Valve
    31NB-10110 Main Control Valve
    31ND-10110 Main Control Valve
    31Q6-16113 Main Control Valve
    31Q6-17000 Main Control Valve
    31Q8-10110 Main Control Valve
    31N4-00110 Main Control Valve
    31E9-0004 Main Control Valve For Hyundai Excavator R290lc-3
    31EM-10021 Main Control Valve For Hyundai R210lc-3
    31N7-10110 Main Control Valve For Hyundai R250lc-7
    31N6-10110KT Main Control Valve Seal Kit
    31E9-03010 Main Hyd Pump R290lc-3
    31LC-00200 Main Hydraulic Pump
    31EM-10010 Main Hydraulic Pump For Excavator Hyundai Model 210lc-3
    31NB-10020 Main Hydraulic Pump For Hyundai Excavator Model R450LC-7, R500LC-7
    31NB-10010 Main Hydraulic Pump For Hyundai Excavator Model R450LC-7
    11E1-1603 Main Hydraulic Pump For Hyundai Excavator R200lc
    11E6-1501 Main Hydraulic Pump For Hyundai R130lc
    31N5-10011 Main Hydraulic Pump For Hyundai R160lc-7
    31N6-10010 Main Hydraulic Pump For Hyundai R210lc-7
    31M6-50031 Main Hydraulic Pump For Hyundai R55-3
    34E7-00250 Main Hydraulic Pump For Robex 450lc-3
    31NA-10030 Main Hydraulic Pump Hyundai Excavator Model 360lc-7a
    31N6-10050 Main Hydraulic Pump R210lc-7
    31N9-10110 Main Hydraulic Pump R320lc-7
    31L8-00180 Main Pump
    31LD-00010 Main Pump
    31LF-00010 Main Pump
    31LH-00200 Main Pump
    31N3-10010 Main Pump
    31N5-15011 Main Pump
    31N6-10051 Main Pump
    31N6-10090 Main Pump
    31N6-15010 Main Pump
    31N8-10020 Main Pump R290LC7H
    31N8-10030 Main Pump R300LC-7
    31N8-10060 Main Pump R290LC-7 s/# 1180-up
    31N9-10010 Main Pump R320LC-7 and R320LC-7A
    31NA-10010 Main Pump R360LC-7
    31NA-10020 Main Pump R370LC-7
    31NB-10022 Main Pump
    31ND-10010 Main Pump R800LC-7A
    31Q6-10010 Main Pump R210LC-9
    31Q7-10010 Main Pump R250LC-9
    31Q8-10030 Main Pump
    31QA-10010 Main Pump
    31QB-10011 Main Pump
    XJBN-00927 Main Pump
    34L1-02051 Main Pump Assembly
    31N7-10011 Main Pump Assy
    31M8-10020 Main Pump For Hyundai R55-7
    XJNB-00971 Main Pump Seal Kit
    XJBN-00163 Main Relief Valve
    XJBN-00653 Main Relief Valve
    11E9-42030 Oil Cooler
    11N8-42301 Oil Cooler
    11NA-40064 Oil Cooler
    14L4-00640 Oil Cooler
    11EM- 42030 Oil Cooler Assembly
    11EM-42030 Oil Cooler Assembly
    11N9-40062 Oil Cooler Assembly
    11n4-43520 Oil Cooler Assy
    81EM-00010 Pinion
    XKAQ-00132 Pinion
    XKBQ-00192 Pinion Dif
    XKBQ-00202 Pinion Dif
    XKAQ-00014 Pinion Gear
    XKAQ-00014 Pinion R210lc-7
    XKBT-00376 Pinion-Diff
    31Y1-03660 Piston
    31Y1-03810 Piston
    31Y1-04290 Piston
    XKBP-00065 Piston
    31Y1-05360 Piston Arm
    XJBN-00060 Piston Assembly
    XJBN-00563 Piston Assembly
    XJCK-00119 Piston Assembly
    XKAH-00068 Piston Assembly
    XKAY-00536 Piston Assembly
    XJBN-00437 Piston Assy
    ZGAQ-01455 Piston Control
    XKAY-00419 Piston Kit
    XKAH-00078 Piston Kit 2 Speed
    XKAH-00084 Piston Parking
    XJBN-00934 Piston Sub Assy
    XKAQ-00099 Planetary Gear
    XKBQ-00214 Planetary Gear
    ZGAQ-02495 Planetary Gear
    XKAH-00997 Planetary Gear No. 3
    31L2-1008 Pump
    31LB-00400 Pump
    34L1-02050 Pump
    ZGAQ-01459 Pump
    ZGAQ-01519 Pump
    21N6-20301 Pump & Motor Assembly
    21N6-20300 Pump And Motor Assy
    XJAF-00851 Pump Assembly
    XJAF-00221 Pump Assy-Water
    31LC-40500 Pump Brake & Fan
    21E4-3007 Pump Fuel
    21E9-20110 Quick Coupling Switch
    11NA-40030 Radiator
    11N4-43111 Radiator Assembly
    11N8-43021 Radiator Assembly
    11N8-40280 Radiator Hyundai 290lc-7
    11N9-40022 Radiator Total Assembly
    11E9-4101 Radiator Total Assembly
    ZGAQ-01662 Range Selector
    91ER-20051 Rcv Kit
    31ER-20050 Rcv Lever Lh
    31ER-20060 Rcv Lever Rh
    XKAY-00076 Rcv Lever Rh Chages To Xkay-00616
    31N8-24200 Rcv Lever Sub Assy Lh
    31N8-24210 Rcv Lever Sub Assy Rh
    31N6-20020 Rcv Pedal
    81L7-00030 Rear Axle For Hyundai Wheel Loader Model Hl740-3
    11E6-36050 Receiver Drier
    XJDB-00204 Ring Gear
    XKAH-00987 Ring Gear
    XKAQ-00284 Ring Gear
    ZGAQ-02484 Ring Gear
    ZTAM-00188 Ring Gear
    XKAH-00904 Ring Gear (A)
    XKAH-00914 Ring Gear (B)
    XKAQ-00073 Ring Gear R210lc-7
    XKAH-00404 Roller
    XKAH00025 Roller Bearing
    XKAH-00025 Roller Bearing
    XKAY-00522 Roller Bearing
    ZGAQ-02441 Roller Bearing
    ZGAQ-02442 Roller Bearing
    XKAY-00452 Rortary Kit
    XKAY-00218 Rotary Kit
    XKAY-00635 Rotary Kit
    31N6-409502 Seal Kit
    31Y1-03560 Seal Kit
    31Y1-03710 Seal Kit
    31Y1-03711 Seal Kit
    31Y1-03861 Seal Kit
    31Y1-04192 Seal Kit
    31Y1-05440N Seal Kit
    31Y1-07601 Seal Kit
    31Y1-07751 Seal Kit
    31Y1-08830 Seal Kit
    31Y1-15236 Seal Kit
    31Y1-15540 Seal Kit
    31Y1-18075 Seal Kit
    31Y1-18250 Seal Kit
    31Y1-19080 Seal Kit
    31Y1-19090 Seal Kit
    31Y1-21100 Seal Kit
    31Y1-24670 Seal Kit
    31Y2-02490 Seal Kit
    31Y2-02600 Seal Kit
    31Y2-02690 Seal Kit
    31Y2-02860 Seal Kit
    31Y2-07430 Seal Kit
    31Y2-07590 Seal Kit
    31Y2-08270 Seal Kit
    31Y3-23050 Seal Kit
    31Y3-26030 Seal Kit
    31Y3-30360 Seal Kit
    91E1-2703 Seal Kit
    91E12704 Seal Kit
    91E1-2708 Seal Kit
    91E1-2711 Seal Kit
    91E1-2712 Seal Kit
    91E6-2717 Seal Kit
    91L1-2702 Seal Kit
    91L2-27200 Seal Kit
    XJBN-00971 Seal Kit
    XJBN-00974 Seal Kit
    XJBN-01195 Seal Kit
    XKAH00011 Seal Kit
    XKAH-00460 Seal Kit
    XKAH-00929 Seal Kit
    XKAH-01060 Seal Kit
    XKAL-00019 Seal Kit
    XKAL-00030 Seal Kit
    XKAL-00069 Seal Kit
    XKAQ-00032 Seal Kit
    XKAU-00130 Seal Kit
    XKAU-00176 Seal Kit
    XKAU-00231 Seal Kit
    XKAY-00278 Seal Kit
    XKAY-00518 Seal Kit
    XKAY-00553 Seal Kit
    XKAY-00791 Seal Kit
    XKBP-00102 Seal Kit
    XKBV-00017 Seal Kit
    YN01V00039R300 Seal Kit
    YN01V00052R300 Seal Kit
    YN01V00068R300 Seal Kit
    YUBS-00045 Seal Kit
    ZTAX-00077 Seal Kit
    ZUAH-00176 Seal Kit
    31Y1-06731 Seal Kit – Arm..
    31Y1-06561 Seal Kit – Boom
    31Y1-02870 Seal Kit – Bucket
    31J-08071 Seal Kit ,Bo.Bu/Cyl
    31JA-08371 Seal Kit ,Bo.Bu/Cyl
    31Y1-03712 Seal Kit Arm Cyl
    31Y1-04362 Seal Kit Arm Cyl
    31Y1-15040 Seal Kit Arm Cyl
    31Y1-15230 Seal Kit Arm Cyl
    31Y1-18110 Seal Kit Arm Cyl
    31Y1-18240 Seal Kit Arm Cyl
    31Y1-20450 Seal Kit Arm Cyl
    31Y1-26410 Seal Kit Arm Cyl
    31Y1-15232 Seal Kit Arm Cyl R210lc-7
    31Y1-15235 Seal Kit Arm Cyl R210lc-7
    31J-08843 Seal Kit Arm/Cyl
    31Y1-20430 Seal Kit Bom Cyl
    31Y1-03561 Seal Kit Boom Cyl
    31Y1-15390 Seal Kit Boom Cyl
    31Y1-1580 Seal Kit Boom Cyl
    31Y1-15880 Seal Kit Boom Cyl
    31Y1-18061 Seal Kit Boom Cyl
    31Y1-18170 Seal Kit Boom Cyl
    31Y1-26580 Seal Kit Boom Cyl
    31Y2-03180 Seal Kit Boom Cyl
    31Y2-06260 Seal Kit Boom Cyl
    31Y1-15885 Seal Kit Boom Cyl R210lc-7
    31Y1-26760 Seal Kit Bucker Cyl
    31Y1-03860 Seal Kit Bucket Cyl
    31Y1-04462 Seal Kit Bucket Cyl
    31Y1-15700 Seal Kit Bucket Cyl
    31Y1-18210 Seal Kit Bucket Cyl
    31Y1-20340 Seal Kit Bucket Cyl
    31Y2-03400 Seal Kit Bucket Cyl
    31Y1-15705 Seal Kit Bucket Cyl R210lc-7
    31Y2-07770N Seal Kit Bucket Cylinder
    31Y1-07911 Seal Kit For Hyundai R290lc-3
    31Y3-22910 Seal Kit Lift Cylinder
    XJDF-00040 Seal Kit Main Pump
    XKAH-00111 Seal Kit Motor
    YUBS-00102 Seal Kit Orbitrol Unit
    XJBN-01108 Seal Kit Pump
    31Y2-03580 Seal Kit Steering Cyl
    XKAH-00366 Seal Kit Travel
    31Y2-02970 Seal Kit,Bkt
    ZTAJ-00017 Seal Lifetime
    XJBN-00036 Seat, Main Pump (Xjbn-00075)
    21L1-2009 Selector
    21L-20090 Selector
    24L3-20090 Selector
    21L3-0022 Selector Gear
    24L4-00181 Sender
    XKBQ-00201 Set Bevel (Xkbq-00202 + Xkbq-00203)
    XKBQ-00396 Set Bevel (Xkbq-00397 Pinion + Xkbq-00398 Gear)
    81E8-2001 Sprocket
    81EN-10013GG Sprocket
    84E7-00662 Sprocket
    84E7-00663 Sprocket
    81EM-10012 Sprocket
    21-M-27-11220 Sprocket Berco
    81EM-10013 Sprocket R210lc-7
    81E5-20010 Sprocket R290lc-3
    81N8-10013 Sprocket R320lc-7
    81N8-10012 Sprockets
    31Y2-03580 Steering Cyl Seal Kit
    34L1-02920 Steering Pump
    31L1-00020 Steering Unit
    31L6-00990 Steering Unit
    XKAY-00445 Swash Piston Kit
    XKAH-00409 Swash Plate
    XKAH-00486 Swash Plate
    XKAY-00451 Swash Plate
    XJBN-00069 Swash Plate Assembly
    XJBN-00434 Swash Plate Assy
    81EN-00051 Swing Bearing
    81N9-01021 Swing Bearing
    81N9-01022 Swing Bearing
    81N8-00022 Swing Bearing For Hyundai R290lc-7
    81N6-00021 Swing Bearing Hyundai R210lc-7
    81N9-01020 Swing Bearing Hyundai R320lc-7
    81EM-00020 Swing Bearing Para Hyundai 210lc-3
    81N3-0120 Swing Bearing R110-7
    81E3-10010 Swing Bearing R130-3
    81N6-00022 Swing Bearing R210lc-7
    34E7-03040 Swing Device Hyundai R4500lc-3
    31EM-10120 Swing Motor
    31M8-10130 Swing Motor
    31MH-11130 Swing Motor
    31N6-10210 Swing Motor
    31N7-10130 Swing Motor
    31N8-12010 Swing Motor
    31NA-10160 Swing Motor
    31NA-10170 Swing Motor
    31NA-10172 Swing Motor
    31NB-11130 Swing Motor
    31NB-11140 Swing Motor
    31NB-11141 Swing Motor
    31ND-13130 Swing Motor
    31Q6-10130 Swing Motor
    31Q8-10130 Swing Motor
    31QB-10150 Swing Motor
    31QB-10170 Swing Motor
    31QB-18130 Swing Motor
    31QB-18160 Swing Motor
    31EN-10031 Swing Motor Assembly
    31N3-10220-AS Swing Motor For Hyundai 140
    31N4-10130 Swing Motor Unit
    31N4-10141 Swing Reduction
    31EN-10070 Swing Reduction Gear
    31N4-10140 Swing Reduction Gear
    31N6-10160 Swing Reduction Gear
    31N6-10180 Swing Reduction Gear
    31N8-10180 Swing Reduction Gear
    31N8-10181 Swing Reduction Gear
    31N9-10151 Swing Reduction Gear
    31N9-10180 Swing Reduction Gear
    31NA-10150 Swing Reduction Gear
    31NA-10152 Swing Reduction Gear
    31NB-11150 Swing Reduction Gear
    31ND-11140 Swing Reduction Gear
    31ND-13140 Swing Reduction Gear
    31ND-13141 Swing Reduction Gear
    31Q6-10140 Swing Reduction Gear
    31Q6-10141 Swing Reduction Gear
    31Q8-10141 Swing Reduction Gear
    31QA-10140 Swing Reduction Gear
    31QB-10141 Swing Reduction Gear
    XJDB-00162 Swing Reduction Gear
    XJDB-00357 Swing Reduction Gear
    31E9-01052 Swing Reduction Gear For Hyundai R290lc-7
    31N9-10152 Swing Reduction Gear For Hyundai R320lc-7
    31N6-40040 Swing Reduction Gear Hyundai R210lc-7
    31N9-10181 Swing Reduction Gear Hyundai R320lc-7
    31M6-50060 Swing Reduction Gear Hyundai R55-3
    31N6-10150 Swing Reduction Gear R210lc-7
    XKBT-00249 Torque Converter
    81E6-2501 Track Chain
    81EM-20010 Track Chain
    81EN-20300 Track Chain
    84E7-00161 Track Chain
    84E7-00160 Track Chain
    81N6-26600 Track Chain 49L
    81N8-26040 Track Chain With 700mm Pads
    81EM-20300 Track Chain Without Pads
    81E6-2502 Track Chain Without Shoes
    81N6-14011 Track Cyl Assembly
    81EM-21010 Track Link 45l
    81N6-26030 Track Link Assembly With 600 Mm Shoes (Assembled)
    81N8-26600 Track Link Without Pads
    31NA-40010 Track Motor (Travel Motor + Reduction Gear) For Hyundai R360lc-7
    31N8-40051 Track Motor Assembly
    31N8-40050 Track Motor For Hyundai 290lc-7
    91N6-07141 Transporting
    31N6-40050 Travel Device
    31N6-40051 Travel Device
    31N6-40052 Travel Device
    31N8-40011 Travel Device
    31N8-40054 Travel Device
    31NA-40020 Travel Device
    31NA-40022 Travel Device
    31ND-40040 Travel Device
    31Q4-40021 Travel Device
    31Q6-40031 Travel Device
    31Q8-40062 Travel Device
    34E7-02490 Travel Device
    XJCK-00387 Travel Device
    31EM-40011 Travel Device (Motor+ Red Gear) For Hyundai R210lc-7
    31E6-0004 Travel Device (Motor+Final Drive) For Hyundai R130-3
    31EN-40010 Travel Device (Motor+Reduction Gear) For Hyundai 250lc-3
    31E5-0003 Travel Device (Motor+Reductor)
    31EM-40010 Travel Device (Travel Motor + Travel Reduction Gear)
    31N6-40011 Travel Device Hyundai R210lc-7
    34E7-02500 Travel Device Hyundai R450lc-7a
    31EH-00030 Travel Device Hyundai Robex 360lc-3
    31EG-42000 Travel Motor For Hyundai 160lc-3
    XKAH-00482 Travel Motor Unit For Hyundai R250lc-7
    31N6-40041 Travel Reduction Gear
    31N8-40070 Travel Reduction Gear
    31N8-40071 Travel Reduction Gear
    31N8-40073 Travel Reduction Gear
    31ND-40050 Travel Reduction Gear
    31Q6-40021 Travel Reduction Gear
    31Q9-40022 Travel Reduction Gear
    XJBN-00993 Travel Reduction Gear
    XJCK-00379 Travel Reduction Gear
    XKAH-01061 Travel Reduction Gear
    XKAH-01449 Travel Reduction Gear
    XKAH-01618 Travel Reduction Gear
    XKAH-01620 Travel Reduction Gear
    31E9-00030 Travel Reduction Gear + Travel Motor..Hyundai 290lc-3
    XKAH-01032 Travel Reduction Gear For Hyundai R36olc-7a
    XKAH-00312 Travel Reduction Gear R210lc-7
    XJCK-00081 Travel Reduction Gear R290lc-7

    Main models

    4D95 6D95 6D102 6D107 6D108 6D125PC60 PC100 PC120 PC130 PC200 PC210 PC220 PC250 PC300 PC350 PC400 PC-1-2-3-5-6-7-8
    E307 E312 E320 E300 E307A E312A E320A E325A E330A E307B E312BE200B E320B 320B 322B 325B 330B E320C E320C E325C E330C E320DE325D E329D E330D
    SK60 SK100 SK200 SK210LC SK250 SK120 SK220 SK300 SK330 SK230 SK115 SK135 SK480 -1-2-3-5-6-7-8
    SH60SH100SH120SH210SH200SH220SH280SH300 6BG1 1784 1349 KHR
    HD700-5 HD700-7 HD770-1 HD770-2 HD800-5 HD800-7 HD820 HD900-5 HD900-7 HD880 450 510 512 700 820 102 320 45 II III V
    EC210B EC240B EC290B EC360B EC460B
    DH220-5 DH225-7 DH130-7 DH280
    R60-7 R130-5 R130-7 R200 R200-5 R210 R210-7 R215-7 R220-5 R225-7 R260-5 R290 R300-5 R320 R420 R450-3 R450-5

    1,If you want to know more about our products ,please visit our website, and welcome to contact us in any time.

    2,We are looking forward to forming successful business relationships with new clients around the world in the near future.

    Why Choose ZODI

    Our Services & Strength

    1, Warranty: All OEM parts have 1 year warranty time.
    2, Quality guaranteed: professional test before shipped.
    3, Service: professional technical support & sales service.
    4, Delivery: within 24 hours if the part is in stock.

    Q1. What's your payment methods?
    A: CMP accept payment methods of Bank transfer, Western Union, Money Gram, Credit Card,Paypal

    Q2. How are you going to ship my order?
    A: CMP will arrange the shipment by DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT and EMS usually.

    Q3. How long will you delivery my order to me?
    A: The normal delivery time to US is 3-5 days, while 3-7 days will be needed for other countries. EMS will take more days for delivery.

    Q4. How can I trace my order?
    A: Once your order is shipped, CMP will email you the shipping information, including tracking number.

    Q5. If I am not satisfied with your products, can I return goods?
    A: CMP will offer exchange or refund service for the defect of our products during the warranty time. Please contact us before you return the defective

    products.The buyers will pay for the cost of return shipments, and we will responsible for sending the replaced or repaired items back to buyers.

    Q6. Do I need to pay custom duties?
    A: The price doesn’t include importing fees such as customs duties. So you have to pay these fees according to the regulation of your country, and

    CMP will try our best to assist you for your requirement. If you have special requirements for declared values, please inform us before you replace an order.

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