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How much do you know about automotive water pumps

water pump


The automobile engine water pump is an important component of the engine cooling system. Its function is to pump the coolant, so that the coolant flows quickly in the cooling water channel of the engine, so as to take away the heat generated when the engine is working and maintain the normal operating temperature of the engine.

The pumping capacity of the water pump is very large, for example, a V8 engine water pump, the pumping capacity at idling speed is about 750L/h.













Classification of water pumps


According to different driving methods, water pumps are generally divided into mechanical water pumps and electric water pumps. At present, most engines use mechanical water pumps, and electric water pumps have been used in some newly developed engines with higher technical content.


 water pump




water pump1







Structure of automobile water pump


The water pump used in the automobile engine is a centrifugal water pump, which is composed of a shell, an impeller, a bearing, a pump shaft, a water seal, and a transmission pulley.

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