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We focus on building high team spirit

Ningbo Zodi’s value is building a high team spirit .We held a two-days tour of Maoyang county,Xiangshan on August 20, during the days we enjoyed delicious seafood and beach surfing. Take a break from your busy work to enjoy the peace of the nature.We stay whole day from morning to night with colleagues and family,enjoying the happy life beside the working。

One the another hand,team will share different products knowledge for all staff using PPT and sample showing,also invite factories’s experts to enhance more information(including material,production line,production technology,test methods,surface treatment,packing,delivery,price etc…).During showing measure,it improve our professional knowledge and improve our self-confidence.

It is widely accepted that to work independently has the obvious advantage that it can prove one’s ability. However, I believe that teamwork is more important in the modern society and teamwork sprit has become a required quality by more and more companies.

In the first place, we are situated in a complicated society and we often encounter tough problems that are beyond our ability. It is especially at this moment that teamwork proves to be exceedingly important. With the help of the team, these problems can be solved easily and quickly, which could improve work efficiency.

In the second place, teamwork provides a chance to cooperate with workmate, it will make a friendly and enjoyable work environment, which is an important factor influencing employees’ belief in the company as a good workplace.

Finally, teamwork contributes to the prosperity of the companies. With all workmates’ knowledge combined, the companies possess high work efficiency and an ability to deal with whatever problems. As a result, the companies can make more profits and develop more quickly.

In sum, teamwork is very important, no one could live individually, they must rely on others in some way. Hence, work together could make life easier.To meet the needs of both personal improvement and the sophisticated society.We should learn to cooperate with each other and adjust to each other.Only in this way can we achieve successes and satisfy ourselves as well as the society.


Post time: Sep-30-2020

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