Do you really know the performance of brake shoes?

Brake shoe introduction


The brake shoe refers to an accessory that is pushed out by the action of the brake cam or push rod to suppress the brake drum for braking. It is installed on the brake drum and is one of the key safety parts in the automobile brake system. The shape of the brake shoes is like a half-moon shape. When the brake is stepped on, the two half-moon-shaped brake shoes are stretched out under the action of the brake wheel cylinder, supporting the brake shoes to rub against the inner wall of the brake drum to slow down or stop.




The difference between brake shoes, brake discs and brake drums


The brake shoe refers to an accessory that is pushed out by the action of the brake cam or push rod to suppress the brake drum and play a braking role. Its shape is like a half moon.

brake shoe K4459

 Brake pads are also called brake pads. In the brake system of a car, the brake pads are the most critical safety parts. The brake pads play a decisive role in the effectiveness of all braking. Therefore, a good brake pad is the protector of people and cars.

brake pad 04465-25040


 Brake lining is generally composed of steel plate, bonded heat insulation layer and friction block. The heat insulation layer is composed of materials that do not transfer heat for the purpose of heat insulation. The friction block is composed of friction material and adhesive, and is squeezed on the brake disc or brake drum to produce friction during braking, so as to achieve the purpose of slowing down and braking of the vehicle

 The brake drum is a cast iron shaped like a tambourine, which is fixed to the tire and rotates at the same speed. When braking, hydraulic pressure is used to push the brake shoes (Brake Shoes) into contact with the inner edge of the brake drum, and the friction generated by the contact can restrain the rotation of the tire to achieve the purpose of braking. The drum brake is composed of the brake base plate, brake cylinder, brake shoe and other related connecting rods, springs, pin nails, and brake drum.

52712-H1000 brake drum


How to identify the product?

 Let us illustrate with an example:

4515 brake shoe

 1.4515 is the FMSI code

 2.23K is the grade, which means that the bearing pressure of the brake pads is 23,000 pounds —- American cars only have the grade AXLE RATING in the American market.

 (There are also 20K and 25K, 20K is generally a light-duty vehicle)

 3.23000LBS is equivalent to 10.40TONS

 4.Brake pads are generally set of 8 pieces, a few have 4 pieces of set

 5.The brake pads are divided into CAM (thick film) and ANC (sheet ANCHOR). The two ends of the film are generally installed at the eye of the brake shoe.

6.There are 8 pieces of equal thickness and non-equal thickness. Non-equal thickness pieces are generally 4+4 (4 thick + 4 thin), because an axle has two hubs, and each hub is 4 pieces.








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